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3D filament Taulman3D  T-GLASE PETT 1.75mm Black - 1lb (~450g)

Spool of T-GLASE PETT - 1.75mm - Black - 1lb (~450g)

W/o Tax: 32,67 €
Tax Inc.: 39,20 €
W/o Tax: 32,67 €

Spool of PETT Filament T-GLASE 1.75mm - 1 lb (~450g)

Taulman3D has released a new high strength material great for those users that print mostly with PLA or lower temperature 3D Printers.  This new material is called T-Glase  (tee glass) short for tough glass and is made with the strongest of the PETT (also known as PET) polymer combinations available. Most of us have seen a similar polymer in the form of clear high strength water transport containers. These are known to be extremely tough and resistant to breakage.

T-Glase is specifically made of FDA approved polymers for direct food contact/containers.

To get more information about this new filament, visit the Taulman3D website.


  • Very high strength
  • Applications in many areas including food.


  • Filament T-GLASE PETT 1.75mm
  • Melting point: 207 - 235°C (advised 212-224°C)
  • Total weight: 0,565 kg
  • Support: rigid plastic full side spool
  • Coil size: diameter 127mm, hole 19mm, width 70mm
  • Material weight: 1lb (~450g)
  • Color : Black

Easily prints to acrylic, glass, Kapton and other platforms.

Caution: This is new material. First check your 3D printer compatibility with its features. You can get more information on the maker's website:

Made in the USA.

Photos are not contractual.

1.75 mm
0.450 kg


Pour les professionnels et les amateurs exigeants, nous proposons un très large choix de filaments pour imprimantes 3D ainsi qu'une sélection de composants et accessoires. Vous trouverez les plus grandes marques Colorfabb, Taulman3D, NinjaFlex, Reprapper, e3D-Online...

Importateur en France des imprimantes 3D professionnels 3NTR, contactez nous pour plus d'informations sur cette gamme qui offre le meilleur rapport/qualité prix du marché dans cette catégorie.