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Stone Filament Laybrick 3mm

Stone filament - 3mm - 0.25kg
W/o Tax: 16,33 €
Tax Inc.: 19,60 €
W/o Tax: 16,33 €

Stone filament Laybrick beta - 3mm - 0,25kg

LAYBRICK is a printable filament made with minerals (super-fine milled chalk). the filament is printable from smooth to very rough surface, near sandstone. It's great for architecture models / landscapes.

WARNING : beta version of this filament means that the grey color of the filament may change in nuances, the filament is also a little maiden, it may brake while bending, you should be sure (especially during a long print) that you can feed a broken part of filament again in your printer.

Features :

  • Filament diameter: 3mm
  • Near zero warp
  • The filament is printable from smooth to very rough surface, near sandstone. No plastic feeling.
  • Melting point: 165° - 210°C (165°C  to get smooth, higher temperatures will print rougher surfaces)
  • Slicing: object fill max 25%
  • Fan needs to be on
  • Heated bed is not necessary
  • Material weight: 0.250kg
  • Color: sand...

Cautions: this is new material with very little feedback. Check carefully your 3D printer compatibility with its features. Fan needs to be on. Wait after printing until object is hardened, then remove it from the platform (2-4 hours). The printed object is temperature stabil to about 70°C. If possible, print in warm rooms with more than 20°C, the filament is more bendable.

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2.85/3 mm
0.250 kg
Filament compounded with


Pour les professionnels et les amateurs exigeants, nous proposons un très large choix de filaments pour imprimantes 3D ainsi qu'une sélection de composants et accessoires. Vous trouverez les plus grandes marques Colorfabb, Taulman3D, NinjaFlex, Reprapper, e3D-Online...

Importateur en France des imprimantes 3D professionnels 3NTR, contactez nous pour plus d'informations sur cette gamme qui offre le meilleur rapport/qualité prix du marché dans cette catégorie.