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Impression 3D  - 3DFilTech filaments de qualité à prix serré


3DFilTech is a brand of quality 3D filament at competitive prices ... The first users were all very satisfied!

Different materials are available: PLA, ABS, ASA, HIPS, PETG, PC, PVA, PP. Most are available in coil sizes to suit individual needs.

Material Diameter 0,5kg  1kg 2,3kg
ABS 1.75mm X X X
ABS 2.85mm X X  
ASA 1.75mm   X X
ASA 2.85mm   X X
HIPS 1.75mm    X  
HIPS 2.85mm   X  
PC 1.75mm   X  
PC 2.85mm   X  
PETG 1.75mm   X  
PETG 2.85mm   X  
PLA 1.75mm X X X
PLA 2.85mm X X X
PP 1.75mm X    
PP 2.85mm X    
PVA 1.75mm X    
PVA 2.85mm X